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So you've come to live in the area, or you're just passing through, you know how to get here, and you decide to visit us - what can you expect?

Whatever time you turn up in the week (within limits, preferably not at 3 am, thanks!) we hope you'll get a warm welcome.

On a Sunday, doors are open at about 10.30 am and all ages are welcome. We are wheelchair accessible and we have an induction loop for the hard of hearing.

The worship service starts at 11 am and lasts about an hour. There's tea and coffee afterwards, and sometimes even soup and sandwiches, all for a modest donation.

If you have been worshipping at another church, you will recognise most of what we do, though we may vary the order and content you are used to. If you haven't been to church services before, there's an outline of what happens on Sunday morning.

Also in this site you can find a brief rundown of what's on, with further details about the various activities on the groups pages and the youth pages.

We look forward to seeing you.