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Maryhill Parish Church interior

Is it for me?

All of us belong to different groups throughout our lives. Some groups, like our family, we have no choice about. We belong for life! Other groups we dip in and out of as suits us.

Where does membership of the church fit into this?

We would like to think that anyone who attends worship here, or takes part in any church group or activity, belongs here.

We hope that whether you are with us for a few weeks or months, or even years, that you feel welcomed and included. Membership in this sense, like membership of a family, is informal. No further action or commitment is required.

How do I join?

Formal membership takes things a step further. A member of the church has rights and responsibilities. This may well be something you would normally shy away from. However if you are willing to explore questions of faith and indeed what it means to commit yourself to the church family in Maryhill then there are opportunities each year to do so. You can speak to the minister or one of the elders about membership at any time. More than anything it is a great encouragement to the church family when someone becomes a member.