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Everyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to take Communion at Maryhill Parish Church.

Next Communion: 29th October 2017

What is Communion

Communion, also called the Lord's Supper, is a sacrament that Christians perform in fulfilment of Jesus' instruction - "do this in rememberance of me" - recorded in the New Testament. The gospel story tells us that as the disciples gathered for the Last Supper, the night before he was betrayed, Jesus broke the bread, saying "This is my body," and poured the wine, saying "This is my blood." In this way he started a practice that has continued to this day.

A sacrament is an ordinary action that has a deeper, divine meaning and force in it. Communion is at one and the same time the most ordinary and the most divine gesture imaginable. So we share bread and wine, a simple action, but we believe that they make Jesus actually present with us in a way that feeds our faith. It's about the character of Jesus: so human and yet so divine, so familiar and yet so mysterious. It encapsulates the story of God who wants to come close to us, so close that we can see him with our own eyes, hear him with our own ears, touch him with our own hands. He wants us to get so close to him that nothing can separate us from his love.

Communion in Maryhill

In our church we use ordinary bread and wine or grape juice to emphasise that God uses the ordinary to transmit the divine. Jesus came to us in human flesh and blood. While the minister does the blessing of the bread and wine (the consecration), many people help share them around ("communion" means sharing with each other). Some share a large single cup (that says we are all one together). Others prefer single glasses (that say we are all equal before God).

There is much more that can be said about Communion, but it's best to experience it. Some churches have communion every Sunday. Our tradition is to make it a bit of a special event, so that we have time to think about what it means for us.

Communion service dates

Our regular Communion Sundays are: the last Sunday of March, June and October at 11am, but from time to time we have other celebrations. Check the website - you're always welcome!